Awareness Programs

Asha Nepal believes that prevention is the best way to stop trafficking. We work to raise awareness so we can prevent more girls from falling into the trap of sexual servitude. We travel to villages across Nepal to speak about the realities and dangers of trafficking and to train local leaders to take an active role to prevent trafficking in their areas.

Previous awareness program news and updates are below.


Asha Nepal is publishing awareness materials in a monthly magazine, the Hamroashish Monthly Christian Newspaper. The link can be found on our website!

Nuwakot Awareness Program (13th July 2011):

Nuwakot is known as the Nepali district from which the highest percentage of girls are trafficked. Most of the girls trafficked from Nuwakot are taken to various Indian cities.

We traveled to Nuwakot to hold an awareness program and afterward spoke to the women in the village. While we were there, Mithu gave her testimony and told how she was deceived by a man and trafficked to Mumbai. Bhuvan shared about the realities and dangers of trafficking, and Bimala spoke about prevention. We were brought to tears and our hearts were broken over the news that many of the families’ daughters have been sold in Mumbai. We met so many ladies who have returned from Mumbai or mothers who sold their daughters when they needed money!

Later we got a chance to talk with the Deputy Inspector of Police (DSP) of that district and he shared more bitter realities. Many small girls of age 9 or 10 are trafficked! The DSP also shared that because most of the girls from the villages are sold in Mumbai, many of the men cannot find a wife. In two villages of the Nuwakot district there are no new marriages and therefore no children being born. The DSP shared with us how many sons have started trafficking their mothers to sell in India because they cannot easily find young girls in the villages. God help us to reach more girls and save them!

Hetauda Awareness Program (22 November 2010):

Our board secretary Mr. Bhuvan Devkota organized an awareness program in Hetauda, South Nepal in partnership with Global Dawn Network. Ninety-five pastors and leaders gathered from 15 districts of Nepal. Shanti shared her testimony, Bimala shared about the trafficking of women and children and Bhuvan challenged church leaders to pray about the issue and to partner with Asha Nepal to fight against trafficking. Pastor Ken Moore from Alaska prayed with us as well. After the program, many church leaders came to us and told us that they will be praying for us. One person pledged a personal contribution of 500 Nepali rupees per month.

Second Program in West Nepal (29 October to 2 November 2010):

In the same way as the first awareness program in west Nepal, Bimala shared about trafficking of women and children and Shanti told her testimony among 250 youths of Tikapur Christian Church and its 12 branches of West Nepal. Youths were challenged and they made a plan to enhance awareness programs in their areas.

First Program in West Nepal (22-26 October 2010):

“Sister Shanti, we love you very much!”

That is how many boys and girls responded when Shanti shared her life testimony about how she was sold by her brother and how she was rescued and restored through Asha Nepal.

Asha Nepal was invited to speak in a youth leadership camp in West Nepal where 55 youth leaders from 8 districts of that area participated. The camp was held for 5 days (22-26 October). During the second day Asha Nepal director Bimala Thapa and board secretary Mr. Bhuvan Devkota shared about trafficking of women and children. As Bimala shared among youth leaders how women are trafficked to India and used as sex slaves, youth leaders started to cry. Later they shared that 10 girls were sold in Mumbai by local so-called pastors. Then Shanti gave her life testimony: how she was sold to Mumbai by her own brother and how she was then raped, beaten and used as a sex slave. She also shared how she was rescued and restored. Many girls and boys started to cry with her. Because of this awareness program, many youth leaders have returned home carrying a burden for those women who are exploited.

Dear friends,
We are so privileged to write this update yet our hearts break to hear that more and more ladies are being trapped and sold into sexual slavery. That is why we are so glad to have the opportunity to do these awareness programs.

  • The Lord allowed us to go to west Nepal to hold awareness programs for people before they fall into this trap.
  • We have heard that some youth groups from far-west Nepal have started to combat this heart-breaking crime. We are glad to hear that awareness is spreading.
  • Thank you very much for partnering with us and supporting us in so many ways.

God Bless You!