Jesus answered my one year’s prayers! - Hanna was sold in India to the circus where she was physically and sexually abused for nine years. Asha Nepal was able to rescue her and provide her with safe shelter, medical assistance, and counseling. While Hanna was with us she hoped to get married. Hanna met a man and though he knew all about her past life he wanted to get married. He came to Asha Nepal to meet our staff. After praying together the Asha Nepal family agreed to the wedding. Some of the staff were able to attend the wedding in Hatauda, South Nepal. During the marriage vows, the bridegroom was in tears and later shared how the Lord has answered his long awaited prayers for a wife.

We need to keep supporting Hanna for her medications. If you want to support Hanna or other ladies for their medications or rescue & restoration programs, please feel free to contact us.

I Designed My Wedding Dress

But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD (Jeremiah 30:17).

Madhu and her friend were both married around the same time and with their husbands came to Kathmandu. They traveled from their village in South Nepal to look for employment in the city. The four of them built a happy life in Kathmandu and after six months Madhu was pregnant. Both men proposed that they all go to India for a holiday. The women were very excited and looked forward to having a fun time.

After a few days in Mumbai, Madhu and her friend found themselves sold by their husbands in a brothel. They cried and wanted to come back to Nepal but they were beaten and raped. Finally they had to surrender and were abused and exploited for seven years, living as thought they were dead. While in the brothel, Madhu contracted HIV.

Asha Nepal rescued Madhu in 2001. By that time Madhu’s friend had disappeared. Madhu received love, safety, and a family while at Asha Nepal. She also received sewing and tailoring training while she was at Asha Nepal. In 2009 she returned to her village and started a small tailoring shop in her house. With her shop she is able to support her elderly father as well as help with the family expenses. A man from the village liked her and desired to be married. Madhu dared to tell him of her past. He loved Madhu despite her past and they were married in February of 2011. Madhu designed her own wedding dress by herself. Praise Jesus who restored her wounds!

Even though Madhu has her tailoring business, at times she needs extra help with medical expenses and emergencies. I f you want to help, please contact us!