Our Mission, Vision & Goal

Asha Nepal exists to help sexually exploited women and their children to regain self-worth and provides the opportunity for a new life. It works against girls trafficking and rescue them from hell like life.

Our Vision

Create a society free from sexual abuse and exploitation and trafficking of women and children.

Our Mission

Asha Nepal is an organization dedicated to build a strong movement to prevent, rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate women and their children from sexual abuse and exploitation in high risk places, equipping them to build a dignified life of freedom, faith and a strong future. Asha Nepal also provides awareness to prevent other Nepali girls from entering this devastating and destructive life.


We rescue children who are vulnerable and women and children who are survivors of forced sex (trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation). We form partnerships with like-minded organizations within Nepal and India in order to rescue Nepali women and children.


We restore adult survivors of sexual exploitation through a family atmosphere and restoration program lasting an average period of three years on a residential campus leading to inner health and financial independence. We restore children in a family atmosphere at a life-time mother home which provides for their basic daily needs including schooling and healthy relationships. We provide mentoring and personalised attention for both women and children to foster healing from trauma. We train, equip, and empower disadvantaged women and children through formal and non-formal education leading to self confidence and sustainable independent living.


We help survivors reintegrate into a community through assistance with mediation to family members family hardly accepts them and community reconciliations, and coordinating transitions to a safe and secure environment. We help reintegrate women by empowering them economically; ensuring their ability to make independent choices is not hindered further by offenders or traffickers. We follow-up with frequent monitoring to ensure secure housing, safe environment, and productive earning power for both the mother and child.


We combat the destructive cycles of sexual exploitation in Nepal by sharing a message of awareness that includes appropriate identification, change, and empowerment. We work to prevent sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, to establish gender equality and to stop cycles of destructive social behaviour. Our awareness teaching is directed to leaders of communities and youth groups throughout Nepal. We especially try to teach mothers of young girls in the districts/regions of Nepal known for high rates of trafficking. We teach about the methods traffickers use to trick young girls and their families and how to properly report if girls are missing from home or the village.

Vocational and Educational Programs

Our vocational program empowers women and creates a profit from operating micro-enterprises. We provide job skill training for women so they may be empowered to live productively and independently. We also teach employee character, business processes, and business finance. Through our education program women learn personal budgeting and banking to provide housing, food, medical care, schooling, savings, and a sustainable future for themselves and their children. Women also have the opportunity to gain skills in literacy, English language, health and nutrition, parenting and women’s equality.

Our Goal

Freeing and empowering sexually abused and exploited Nepalese women and their children.