Camera + Volunteer = Children’s Photography

Our children have begun to capture their world through the viewfinder of a camera! One of our volunteer staff, a professional photographer, is teaching photography basics to our children.

Just a few months ago we received a generous donation of an SLR digital camera. The camera has been a blessing. Staff have been able to use the camera on numerous occasions to capture special events and our children now have the opportunity to learn photography techniques.

They began with viewing photographs from great photographers to get inspiration. Next the children made paper cameras to begin to visualize the world through a rectangle, to learn camera nomenclature, and to learn camera care. Now they are learning basic rules of good composition and completing their own assignments with our new camera.

Some of our children have shown a particular excitement for photography and have natural talent. It is fun to see them exploring the campus with camera in hand and to watch their faces light up with pride when they share their photos with others.

We hope to continue to encourage all of our children to learn and to develop new skills such as photography. We are thankful for volunteers who share their knowledge and time to build up our children’s lives.

You can view photos of the class and some of our children’s photographs

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